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Our lessons are created specifically with students in mind. We believe in being interactive, multi-sensory, hip and most of all, FUN! Learning sticks when it is fun and kids are enthusiastic.

With the Let’s Rock the Test! curriculum, you’ll use:

  • Mnemonic devices like: BAM®, ACE®, R2D2® and Build a Burger®
  • Games such as Mad Libs to help with close-reading skills and context clues
  • Music from current artists such as Adele and Ne-Yo to teach why you should picture your own answer first before looking at the multiple-choice answers listed and
  • Videos clips from role models such as Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics going through his pre-game warmup to teach students about preparing for test day.

Fun while aligning the reading passages and questions to
the Common Core.

  • We want to make our educators’ jobs easier!
  • Our goal is to build confidence in students to they can show off all they’ve learned on standardized assessments.
  • Our mission is to change the conversation about test-taking from one of fear, frustration and anxiety, to one of achievement and empowerment.

Let's Rock the Test!


Great tool. I used this with my fourth grade class and was amazed at the results of close reading! Thank you!

Adair S. Teacher

I love this book!!!! This has been a time saver and huge help for me in my class preparation and student learning!! Thanks so much!

Christy R. Teacher