About Us

Who We Are

Let’s Rock the Test! was created by RAVE! Publishing, Inc., a subsidiary of RAVE! Seminars and Consulting, Inc., We are a training and development company specializing in creating breakthrough learning experiences for people of all ages. We do so through high energy, multisensory learning events and instructional materials. Established in 2006, we have worked with some of the top companies, colleges & universities and now, the K-12 educational system.

Our methods are different. We teach by touching not only the minds, but the hearts and souls of our students. We believe the key to effective education, whether it’s in the boardroom or in the classroom, is engagement. Music, movement and play are components often found in our work.

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About the founder

Nicole ThomasNicole Thomas, founder of RAVE! Publishing, Inc. and Let’s Rock the Test! is a parent herself and discovered first-hand how much the material for common core testing was needed. She took her dedication as a mother, combined with her business success with RAVE!, and developed the material for Let's Rock the Test! with intent to fill the gap and empower our children. She is more than passionate about LRTT.

A Radical Approach to Vital Education (RAVE!)

Radical. We celebrate learning! The heart and soul of RAVE! is that we don't merely instruct you – we empower you! Anyone who encounters our events or curriculum is left self-confident, enlightened and motivated.

Approach. Our programs are multi-sensory, multi-media, high-energy learning experiences. We engage you through the process of active discovery versus passive presentation. In addition to traditional methods of instruction, we use music, interaction, games, and group projects to make learning come to life.

Vital. We specialize in topics that are fundamental to being effective in today’s competitive environment. With an amazingly talented team, we have the flexibility to structure any content to focus on topics and issues that are of key interest.

Education. Real-world, instantly applicable education is the ultimate result of RAVE!

Some of Our Clients

What clients are saying about their RAVE! experience

“It's been a day since I've left the event and I'm still trying to verbalize how I've changed. The important thing is that I know I have.”

“High energy, inspirational and unforgettable experience of the highest quality.”

“This program was one of the best experiences of my life. The amount I learned about myself is like nothing you could even imagine. I grew as a leader, and most of all, as a person.”