Standardized Testing


Curriculum Summary

Here’s what you can expect from today’s more rigorous standardized testing.

More Informational Texts
One of the major shifts is an emphasis on developing skills for comprehending and analyzing more informational texts. Expect to see an increase in, and a greater variety of, non-fiction texts across disciplines.

More Rigorous Texts
There has been an increase in the text complexity ranges across grades. Students will be expected to read texts that are more difficult.

Tougher Questions
Students will be required to pull evidence from the text to answer test questions. For multiple choice questions, don’t expect easy answers to choose from. Close answers will be present with no throw-away answers. The available choices are a lot closer to the real answer, so the student has to have really good discernment skills to figure out the correct one. For short response and extended response questions, students will be asked to paraphrase or directly quote text from the passages to support their responses.

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This was a great resource to help prepare my students for the state end-of-the-year tests! Thanks!

Jennifer Stewart - Nominated for Teacher of the Year, Teaching for over 16 years, Grades 1-5, Johns Creek, Georgia